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Jivdani Mata Temple in Mumbai

The deity Jivdani Mata is an avatar of goddess Adi Shakti Devi. The goddess temple is located on the hill at Virar, Mumbai. This temple has around 1375 steps and is 150 years old.
Jivdani Mata Idol
Jivdani Mata Idol
More than thousands of devotees are attracted during festivals and on Tuesdays and Sundays. People coming to seek blessing of this goddess also enjoys picturesque sight of Virar and its neighborhoods. The temple mostly gets flooded with devotees on the nine days of Navaratri festivals that comes mostly on September.

Jivdani Mata is venerated for offering respite to everyone’s suffering and also puts life in the dying therefore the name Jivdani. People dwelling in Vasai and the rest of the Mumbai especially – Koli, Bhandhari and Mangayle treat the deity as their own family goddess. Therefore they offer sacrifice of chickens and goats for the return of ‘Navas’. Even gold ornaments are offered.


Maa Jivdani temple is located on a hill called Jivdani in the suburbs of Mumbai. In the late 17th century a fort named as Jivdhan was found on this hill. Within the walls of the fort are ancient water cisterns and caves, of which most of the water has dried up. It is believed this was the work of the Pandavas. And the hill is still eminent for the unseen Jivdani goddess who lives in these caves.

Far view of the Jivdani Temple
Far view of the Jivdani TemplePlaces to visit near the Jivdani Temple
 People visiting this temple often roam around places like Small Old Fort Of Shivaji Maharaj, Papadkhandi Dam (usually visited with groups and the place can be dangerous for lone visitors); there’s even a well-known beach called Arnala beach with resorts like Sea Lord Resort, LD Resort, C Beach Resort, Anand Resort Virar and Swagat Resort Virar.

How to Reach?

The Deity’s temple is 1375 steps above the ground level on a hill that comes in the Saputara Range in Virar, Mumbai (northern suburb). You will have to catch a train from any station on the Western line and alight at the last station i.e. Virar. After alighting cross the railway bridge to go on the east side, from there you can catch a sharing Autoricksha to reach the foot steps of the Jivdani temple.

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